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Entry No. 183 17.12.2012
Thanks very much for such valuable images. Using SIO2PC usb SUPER!
Entry No. 182 08.12.2012
Great Archive men!
Entry No. 181 22.11.2012
I'm missing my good old Atari's verry much. First typing the program and then after long typing playing every day
Wim Bruggink 
Sas van Gent, Nederland
Entry No. 180 18.10.2012
Long Live Atari! Thank You VERY Much!
California, USA
Entry No. 179 23.06.2012
Amazing Stuff, built a SIO2PC now using a real games machine Atari... Thanks..
Manchester, England
Entry No. 178 17.06.2012
Thanks for this sites with atr files. I've made sio2ide and now i use image of disket (.atr) on my hdd Now i can play good games on my atari 800xl
Czech republic
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