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Entry No. 239 25.01.2020
Thanks for hosting such a great web site and keeping this enormous amount of 8-bit games alive.
Steve Snow
Louisville. KY, USA
Entry No. 238 12.01.2020
Thank a lot for awesome website and too many games.
Mario Minarik 
Trnava, Slovensko
Entry No. 237 26.12.2019
Entry No. 236 25.12.2019
Thanks for all the games and for keeping the Atari 8 bits scene alive.
George Peres
Entry No. 235 06.09.2019
Thank you so much for this wonderful archive. It's been a massive help in putting together my "Atari A to Z" series on YouTube, which celebrates several generations of Atari-based gaming.
Pete Davison  
Southampton, UK
Entry No. 234 29.08.2019
Amazing work, greatly appreciated.
Mark R. Moore
Entry No. 233 14.04.2019
Fantastic collection of files! Thanks for putting all of this together and making it available to the Atari community!
Entry No. 232 10.04.2019
Thanks for your Atari 8bit support. I downloaded all ATR images and copied them on real 5 1/4 inch floppies to use on real Atari 1050 drives.
Stormtrooper of Death 
Weert, Netherlands
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